Monday, January 30, 2006

Battle of the Bands - Heat 1

First heat takes place this Wednesday, Feb 1st.

Kicking off the 2006 BotB are...


Circus Envy

Opium of the Masses

Vice City

Usual details: Cyprus Avenue, 9pm, €3, free lollipops & Freakscene concessions.

Result: Jezery through to final on March 8th.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Covers Battle of the Bands

Covers Battle of the Bands

It's RAG Week, people... the R stands for Rock*

So, UCC LMS & UCC SU give you the Covers Battle of the Bands - covers ranging from TATU to The Pogues to Weezer. And everything in between.

1 - 2 on Monday 23rd, Tuesday 24th and Thursday 26th.

Monday: The Scheme - Citizen Elmo - Carbon Copy

Tuesday: The Undertrads - Sideproject - Shredtech

Thursday: Calypso Train - Silo - Loser Lounge

It's for charity and it's gonna be great.

*The A stands for Alcohol but I've no idea what the G is. Suggestions?

Friday, January 13, 2006

Wednesday Gig 18/01/06

All bands now confirmed for the last of our Cyprus Avenue showcases this year:

Tone Control

Painting By Numbers

The Ryan Baileys

The Little Band That Could

Impressive lineup even by our standards (they're very high, in case you're wondering).
Cyprus Avenue at 9pm as always.
€3 as always.


In other news, we now have a forum all of our own at

Scroll down, it's in the Fucc Livin' Room section.

Yet another good reason to skip lectures, with love from the LMS.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


check out the posters at our stand for upcoming events info

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Wednesday Gig: 11/01/06

Rockin' line-up for tomorrow night:

Tidal Suns

Ideal End


Burn Us Both

Usual venue (Cyprus Avenue, above the Old Oak across from the GPO).
Doors at 9pm.

All for a bargainous €3! Includes free lollipop! How amazing is that?


...UCC Live Music Society.

Fairly self-explanatory really. Go to Profile for a little more information.

This blog will be updated frequently (most of us are doing "courses" like Arts and Law, so we have a lot of free time in between cups of tea) with details of our upcoming gigs.

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